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US Labor, NY Tackle Employees Disguised as Franchisees

New York City 7-Eleven and taxis. Photo by ps

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Department of Labor is now partnering with New York’s Attorney General’s Office and the state’s labor division to protect the rights of employees by ensuring they are not misclassified as independent contractors.

Liberty Tax Ruled Vicariously Liable for Illegal Franchisee Advertising

Liberty Tax Service
An unrelated franchise outside California advertises its services. photo/bmm

Franchisor Liberty Tax Service was ruled vicariously liable by a California state appellate court for its franchisees' illegal advertising.

Deja Vu: Jani-King Workers Are Not Franchisees

Jani-King janitorial services
Jani-King worker or franchisee? Courts rule  worker.

BOSTON – A district judge once again has issued an order stating that Jani-King International and other entities misclassified its janitorial workers in Massachusetts by labeling them as franchisees.

Coverall Doomed in Disguising Workers as Owners

Coverall truck in Kentucky
A Coverall truck at an office building in Kentucky

BOSTON – After five years of litigation, Coverall North America Inc., one of the world’s largest janitorial cleaning franchisors, will now learn its fate for misclassifying its workers as franchisees instead of employees.

ABA Forum Picks Five Hottest Legal Cases

SAN DIEGO – Last week’s ABA Forum on Franchising, themed as Franchising: Some Like It HOT! drew a crowd of 751 to the Hotel Del Coronado for its 33rd annual event, mainly to talk about “hot” litigation that promises to set trends in franchising.