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KFC Fires Worker After Pubic Facebook Post

Not since the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings has there been so much pubic debate.

Cheesy Employee Pockets Change

Police arrested a Burger King cashier who preyed on a disabled woman.

Dunkin' Prostitution Story Goes Global

Best photo is from Romania's Apropo news, Sex in the Car Trunk

The story of the Dunkin' Donuts shop employee, who acted as a prostitute during her fifteen minute breaks, has gone viral. Here are the best.

Dunkin’ Employee Gives Extra Sugar


Employers, do you know what your employees are doing during breaks? You just might want to know.

Meth Taken Off Menu At Sonic

Sonic's crystal meth cook will be chowing down in prison.

Lettuce Prank Subway Closes

21-year old Richard Shannon loses job after prank

Two Domino's Employees Fired Over YouTube Prank

Michael, Domino's ex-employee

KFC Teen Employees Fired for Turning Sink into Hot Tub

Three scantily clad teens were fired after they turned a KFC dish washing basin into their personal hot tub and then asked to be caught by posting photos of the dippy escapade on MySpace.