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Fears for Japan

ReactorsThe Three Mile Island catastrophe was a partial core meltdown in one nuclear reactor and reached a severity rating of 5 on an international scale of 7. Chernobyl was a 7. Fukushima has hit 6 and while specialist teams are working to divert further disaster it seems little confidence is coming out of Japan.

Breaking SBA Lending Logjam

The Treasury Department is finalizing a $15 billion initiative to stimulate lending by the Small Business Administration by using funds from the federal bailout program to buy up SBA loans.

Developers Say 'Me Too' for Bailout

Paralyzed by the credit crisis, the commercial real estate industry is the latest to seek a government bailout of sorts.

Auto Industry Likely to Get $15 Billion Loan This Week

DETROIT — Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., said he expects a federal loan package for the auto industry to be worked out by midweek.

Should The Government Stop Dumping Money Into The Giant Money Hole?

SATIRE -A panel of experts debate whether the government should stop dumping money into a giant money hole or whether the free market should decide.