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Australian Franchising Code Review Recommendations

Alan Wein’s review of the Australian Franchising Code of Conduct has presented 18 recommendations. Here they are but first;

Australian Franchise Law, the Nick of Time

As the South Australian franchising law looms on the near horizon the FCA continue to shake the fear tree.  Professor Frank Zumbo has called upon the Minister to change federal law. And that is all he has to do …. change it.

Australia’s Largest Franchisor Says Its Time

As the South Australian Parliament gears up to be the first Australian State to establish effective franchising legislation, Jim Penman, the franchisor to 27 brands, has called for reputable franchisors to
join "on the side of the angels."

Wounded Australian Franchisees Fed Up

CANBERRA -  Franchising was up for heated discussion yet again in Australia's federal parliament Monday night. The Minister for Small Business, Craig Emerson, was missing.

Lenards Franchise Verdict, Guilty of Murder

PERTH, Australia - The jury in the Lenards Chicken franchise murder trial has brought back a verdict of ‘guilty of murder' for the leader of the sub-franchisor (aka master franchisee) for Western Australia.

Australian Dead Rat Bounce

CANBERRA: The Australian MP who released the Rudd Government's draft national ‘unfair contract' terms provision for public comment has been elevated to Cabinet prior to the introduction of the controversial new legislation.

Australian State Franchising Law on The Table?

ADELAIDE, South Australia:  South Australian MP Tony Piccolo [Member for Light] has fired a shot across the bow of Federal Minister Craig Emerson suggesting his state could introduce its own laws if the Federal Government does not act on franchising.

The Wink Part II and Franchise Administration

The Midas Car Care Australia calamity reads as a classic in franchising disasters. There have been far too many complaints and reports published to cover all the plots and the sub-plots but it must have been one hell of an interesting ride for the very few franchisees that came through from beginning to end.