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Ex-Smashburger CEO Lawsuit Dismissed, Hardly Over

DOVER, Del. - After the former Smashburger CEO filed a lawsuit last July against the chain and owners Consumer Capital Partners for deceptively cheating him out of millions of dollars in stock, a Delaware court granted Smashburger's motion to dismiss the lawsuit last December.

Mooyah’s Co-Founder Rich Hicks Speaks

Inside a Mooyah Burger, Fries and Shakes
Inside a Knoxville, TN Mooyah around 3:30 p.m. on a weekend. Photo/Blue MauMau

PLANO, Texas – At the end of October, the co-founder of the Mooyah better burger concept, Rich Hicks, sent notice (pdf) to the system's quick service restaurant owners, informing them that Mooyah and the firm's new CEO Bill Spae were parting ways.

Mooyah Ex-CEO Speaks

Mooyah burgers, Custom built, unlimited possibilities
Teens enjoying Mooyah. Photo/bmm

PLANO, Texas—At the end of October, Mooyah's co-founder Rich Hicks announced to franchise owners that he and the firm's new CEO Bill Spae were parting ways.

Fast Food Menu Changes for Fall

KFC's Go Cup
KFC's new Go Cup

LEXINGTON, Ky. — It's Fall and that means that Chief Marketing Officers have lined up new products in the hopes of raising consumer excitement, growing store traffic and generating royalties.

Schaden Says Smashburger Fills Dire Need for Better Burger in US

Rick Schaden, founder and owner of Smashburger Master, LLC recently told Bloomberg that his hamburger chain was born out of the idea that Americans are not satisfied with what other chains have to offer.

'Burgernomics' Explained, Well Sort of

Giants McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's are flexing their muscles in a mature market, meanwhile their workers are getting restless.

Supersizing Better Burger Chains Today

Wimpy eyes some hamburgers, actually someone at Halloween impersonates Wimpy
A Wimpy costume at Halloween. photo by atxryan

Like J. Wellington Wimpy of Popeye fame, franchisors will gladly pay investors Tuesday for better burgers today. Private equity firms are stumbling over themselves to pour money into better burger chains.

Picking up Bad Vibes on Smashburger

The bodacious bird has heard from a reliable informed source that all is not perfect in Smashburgerland.

The source said several groups of Smashburger franchisees have failed or are incurring large losses in certain markets.

Wendy’s to Upgrade Logo, Restaurants

Wendy's Reveals New Look for Restaurants
Prototype of Wendy's new look. Photo courtesy of Wendy's Co.

DUBLIN, Ohio — Wendy's announced last week that its brand is in the midst of a major upgrade. It plans to tweak its logo in March of 2013, upgrade restaurants, emphasize fresh ingredients in new menu items and better connect with customers via social media.

The Real Story of Smashburger

"Home of the Smashburger" in Eastern Kentucky
"Home of the Smashburger" restaurants invented in Kentucky 50 years ago.

PIKEVILLE, Ky. — Smashburger’s origin dates back over fifty years ago in Ashland, Kentucky, located in the Appalachian Mountains.