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The NFL's Most Loyal Fans

The NFL season always kicks off with teams planning for an ideal season leading to Super Bowl. This year the annual kickoff game felt familiar, with the Carolina Panthers opening the season in Denver, looking for a chance to bounce back from last year's Super Bowl loss.

2016 Least Engaging Brands

This past February, Brand Keys announced the list of the top brands that 42,792 U.S. consumers found to be most emotionally engaging and, therefore, the ones they were most loyal to.

America’s Least Engaging Brands, 2015

This past January, Brand Keys announced the top brands that 36,605 US consumers found to be most emotionally engaging. That meant consumers saw those brands as best meeting their very high expectations.

In Super Bowl Advertising, Emotional Engagement Always Beats Entertainment

Fewer than half of Super Bowl XLIX's advertisers will score big on their considerable investments, according to the 13th annual Super Bowl Ad Engagement Survey conducted by Brand Keys.

Top 10 Most Engaging Brands of 2013 and How They Did It

“Brand engagement” is how well a brand meets expectations that consumers hold for what drives their behavior in the category where the brand competes.