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Which Brands are Most Patriotic?

With July 4th soon upon us, many marketers are readying to wrap their brands in the American flag and cue the marching bands.

SNL Spoofs on Dunkin' Donuts

Comedy show Saturday Night Live pokes fun at a Dunkin' Donuts customer. Meet Donny (Casey Affleck), a real Dunkin' Donuts consumer.

2016 Least Engaging Brands

This past February, Brand Keys announced the list of the top brands that 42,792 U.S. consumers found to be most emotionally engaging and, therefore, the ones they were most loyal to.

Doing Well by Doing Mobile Well

The nice thing about predictive engagement metrics is, well, they predict. And to be sure, sometimes it takes time for the real world to catch up with engagement values, which are emotionally based and often unarticulated.

America's Most Engaging Brands in 2016

Emotional engagement – a leading indicator of consumer behavior, loyalty, sales, and profits – is more difficult for brands to achieve than ever before. The key drivers of brand engagement have shifted dramatically toward emotional values in 88% of the 72 categories surveyed in Brand Keys’ 2016 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index (CLEI), our 21st annual survey.

Facts Cannot Stop Brand Trump

You can’t have missed Sarah Palin’s well-publicized endorsement of Donald Trump. Somewhat quieter has been the confederation of conservatives trying to get other “conservative thinkers” to speak out against the Republican Presidential front-runner.

Better Safe than Sorry, Chipotle

The brand that started the “fresh movement,” is hoping for a fresh start. It took Chipotle twenty-two years to transform itself from a burrito stand to a $23 billion quality brand. They did it by meeting customer expectations regarding the values of fresh, locally sourced, customizable food at a fair price. Oh, and it was generally agreed the brand had integrity.

Emotions Are More Important to Millennials

As more marketers have focused on the Millennial Generation with efforts focused on capturing this cohort’s attentions, major budgets are being planned in the mistaken belief that Millennials are less brand loyal than other age cohorts, and require additional attention to create brand preference.

Donut Make This Mistake; Values Are Always Category-Specific

If you have followed the McDonald's debacle for the past year you cannot have missed the fact that the company woke up late to the fact that consumer values had shifted. Away from fat/salty/fast/dollar-menu food to brands that were seen to offer healthier, fresher, natural, more customized food. And consumers were actually willing to pay more for that.