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Roots of Franchising Shaped from a Hair Salon Chain

Gary Robins, who owns 41 Supercuts salons through Philadelphia and Delaware, speaks to National Public Radio about owning franchises and why he thought owning haircut shops made sense.

US Volvo Dealers Hopeful of Interim CEO, Ford Contemplates Losing Their CEO

Last week Volvo chose the head of its finance arm, Toni Nicolosi, to be its interim CEO. Franchisees are already saying that he will listen to dealers.

Steak n Shake Loses on Setting Menu Price for Franchisee

Bacon 'n cheese double price on Steak 'n Shake website
Franchisee free to set different price than Steak N Shake's website (above)

A longstanding Steak 'n Shake franchise entity of five stores scored a victory on Friday when the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed an Illinois federal court decision. The ruling states that  the franchisee does not have to comply with the franchisor's 2010 policy on setting the prices for menu items.

NYC Naked Cowboy Wants Naked Cowgirl to Sign Franchise Agreement

Times Square’s The Naked Cowboy wants Sandy Kane to stop copying him. Robert Burck, who wears only cowboy boots, a hat, briefs and a guitar that is strategically placed to give the illusion of nudity, wants Ms. Kane to stop infringing on his “naked cowboy” business format franchise and trademark.