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If I Were Buying a Franchise

Five key areas are what Callum Floyd, Ph.D., would look at if he were buying a franchise. Floyd's master's and Ph.D. degrees included theses focused on franchising.

The Pitfalls of Assessing a Franchise

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The Wall Street Journal, in an insightful article, writes that if you are thinking about investing in a franchise, make sure that you read the franchise disclosure document and speak with franchisees.

Tips on Buying, Managing Your Franchise

James Caan, named one of the 100 most influential Asians in the U.K., gives tips on buying and managing a franchise. Caan, a long-time resident of the U.K., was actually born in Lehore, Pakistan as Nazim Khan.

CIT Testimony Blocked in Dunkin' Trial

PROVIDENCE, RI — After six years of litigation with Dunkin’ Donuts over losing his six stores and store development agreements to open new restaurants, franchisee Irwin Barkan was convinced that the franchisor intentionally interfered in his efforts to refinance his debt. 

$30,000 Saving To Help Ex-Defence Find Franchise Success

EACH year on average almost 10 per cent of Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel leave*, many of whom seek to build a civilian career or start their own business. 

Guidant Pulls Out of Small Business Financing

IRS Building, Constitution Ave., D.C. Photo/U.S. govt

Financial Crisis for Some, Opportunity for Others

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Blue MauMau) - Nobody seems to know what this economic mess really entails or when it will settle down. Is the sky falling? Probably for some, but not for most.

As Economy Hurts, So Does Franchising

Franchise owners, brokers and leaders chime in on the impact of the credit crunch on business.

Franchisors Sweeten the Deal to Woo Franchisees

Raymond Flandez writes in the Wall Street Journal that franchise companies, facing what many say is the toughest economic environment they've seen, are offering two-for-one deals, reduced fees and financing help to woo new buyers.