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BikeCaffe Settles with California Commissioner for Selling Unregistered Franchises

California's Commissioner of Business Oversight reached a settlement with Ralph Massetti and his franchise development firm, The Franchise Builders, for selling BikeCaffe franchises on the internet that were not registered or exempt according to state franchise regulations. Founder Will Shakesheff, chief franchise operations officer, was also named in the state's action against the franchisor.

California Senate Confirms Jan Lynn Owen as Dept of Corporations Commissioner

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The California State Senate voted on Monday to confirm the appointment of Jan Lynn Owen as Commissioner of the California Department of Corporations.

Franchising, Evolution of

The word "franchise" is derived from the Anglo-French word meaning “liberty.” In Middle French, it is “franchir”– to free. In Old French, it is “franc,” signifying free. The French term “francis” means granting rights or power to a peasant or serf. The English term “enfranchise” is defined as empowering those who have no rights.

Denny's Patience Runs Out

Denny's did not discriminate when it denied a franchise applicant who spent 3 years without completing his application.