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Coalition of Franchisee Associations Chair Asks for Level Playing Field

Keith Miller, chair of the Coalition of Franchisee Associations, a group representing franchisees among some of America's largest chains, was one of two individuals asked to give testimony on the need for Assembly Bill 2305, the Level Playing Field for Small Businesses Act. This is his statement given in front of the Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

The ‘Real World’ of Franchising

It's interesting how the more things change the more things stay the same. Case in point is a recent blog post by an opponent to California's Assembly Bill 2305, "The Level Playing Field for Small Businesses Act of 2012."

A Technical Look at Why California’s Franchising Abuse Laws Need an Update

On April 6, I faxed this support letter on California's need for the The Level Playing Field for Small Businesses Act (AB2305) to the honorable Jared Huffman, assembly member of the California State Assembly. I was one of two experts invited to testify at the hearing of California's Judiciary Committee on the need for Assembly Bill 2305

California Assemblyman Pleased with Progress of Bill to Curb Franchising Abuse

Assemblymember Jared Huffman reads remarks to Judicial Committee for passage of fair franchise bill
Huffman  urges Committee to approve AB2305. It won a 6-3 vote. (photo/Raja)

SACRAMENTO — One of the two Assemblymembers who introduced California’s fair franchising bill spent a few minutes on the phone with Blue MauMau shortly after Bill 2305 was passed by the Judiciary Committee Tuesday afternoon.