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Franchisee Sues for Lack of Fair Dealing, Marriott Settles

Marriott franchisee Laurence Geller

Photo of Marriott franchisee from CNBC video stream

It seems that not all is clean and good at Marriott. CNBC explores the Marriott Empire in its hour-long "Behind the Closed Doors of Marriott."

McDonald's Strays from Serving Its Franchise Owners

Kathryn Slater-Carter speaks with Fox Business Network's Melissa Francis about how McDonald's Corp. owns the restaurant properties and how owner-operators must dig into their own pockets to upgrade the assets of the franchisor when so ordered.

Good Faith Passes California Senate! Assembly Next

California State Capitol Building
California's state capitol building. photo/thomas hawk

SACRAMENTO – California's senate this afternoon passed Senate Bill 610, which aims to strengthen good faith in franchising. Twenty-two senators voted in favor and twelve against. It now goes to the state assembly, and then finally will travel to Governor Jerry Brown's desk to become law.

Are Franchisees Well Informed? Revisiting Franchise Relationship Laws

Are franchise owners really well informed? Law professors Robert Emerson and Uri Benoliel say no and that there is a powerful case for the need to protect franchise owners from franchisor opportunism.

PODCAST: California State Senators Hear Franchise Owners Speak on Need for Good Faith in Franchise Relations

(PODCAST) SACRAMENTO — California state senators listened to franchise owners and associations ask for passage of Senate Bill 610 yesterday. Authored by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson [D-Santa Barbara], the bill was crafted to bolster good faith in a franchisor's dealings with franchisees and the right to associate without fear of reprisal.

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