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Springdale Pizza Franchise Rescission Dispute May Not Be Done

My March 3 post, “Even a profitable franchisee can rescind”, was about the Springdale Pizza franchise rescission dispute. It has been before the Ontario courts since 2009. A search reveals nine different decisions, which makes for protracted and expensive litigation.

Husband Was Equally Bound by Franchisor's Non-Compete Clause

As a franchisor litigator representing franchisors, I am often asked to bring an injunction to stop a terminated franchisee from breaching a non-competition covenant.

Are Franchisors Liable for Franchisees' Wrongs?

Often, the public does not distinguish between franchisor and franchisee when something goes wrong at a franchise. And that could leave franchisors facing a lawsuit for alleged wrongful acts by a franchisee or employee of a franchisee, including negligence, discrimination or assault.

The Ethics of Franchise Law

At the April 3 dinner meeting of the Ontario Bar Association Franchise Law Section, the topic of ethical issues for franchise lawyers was addressed.

When Is a New Franchise Too Close?

Not every franchise agreement affords a protected territory.

New Brunswick Franchise Law Kicks In

New Brunswick’s Franchises Act and the associated Disclosure Regulation and Mediation Regulation came into effect on February 1, 2011 and the province is now the fourth province with in-force franchise legislation.