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Nuns Bring Good Fortune to Car Salesman

Robert Peerman of Austin, Texas, tells a story about a group of Catholic nuns, his fellow disinterested car salesmen, and the good fortune the nuns brought him.

Detroit Car Dealers Convert to Sears

DETROIT — Just months after being forced to shut down his Saturn franchise, Carl Galeana is converting it to a Sears Auto Center.

Toyota Illustrates Problems with Groupthink Governance

Toyota has been slow in ordering recalls and inaccurate in assessing its problems. What has resulted is one of the greatest public relations nightmares in decades. The car maker and franchisor's problems sharply illustrate the failings of Japanese groupthink in corporate governance.

Dumbest Auto Dealer Commercials

Below are two of the dumbest auto dealer commercials.

Toyota Dealers Upgrade Showrooms in Credit Crunch

TORRANCE, Calif. - While automobile dealerships are struggling just to survive the industry’s worst downturn since the Great Depression, Toyota is requiring their struggling dealers to dig down into their pockets and invest in upgrading their franchises in order to compete better.

Car Aftermarket Firms Gear Up

An auto-parts and car repair analyst at Standard & Poor's anticipates that business should begin warming up for car repair shops like Midas, Monro and retailers.

Bailout Gives Car Dealers Hope

NBC Video: Although sales are still tanking at a Caifornia dealership, the temporary auto bailout has offered dealers a rare ray of hope.