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How Do Franchisees Feel about Chrysler’s Buyout by Italy’s Fiat?

Chrysler DeSoto hood ornament
Chrysler dealership sign in a small town. photo/bmm

Attending this weekend's National Automobile Dealers Association convention in New Orleans, American dealers seemed revved up about their franchisor Chrysler becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Italy's Fiat SpA.

Dealer Seeks Return of Chrysler Franchise

A Chevy at a California Barbeque, photo by Thomas Hawk
A Chevy at a California barbeque diner, photo: Thomas Hawk

A terminated car franchisee in Billings, Montana seeks to use state auto franchise laws to get its franchise back. That's almost inconceivable in other franchise sectors.

Detroit Will Always Be A Triple-A City

Speaking to auto execs, Chysler/Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne warned:

Too Many Franchises Spoil the Brand?

Front sign of Pontiac dealership, northern Michigan '09. photo/Quinn.anya

WASHINGTON — As the dust settled, the Obama Administration last summer issued a harsh report that was critical of the aggressive termination of franchises by General Motors and Chrysler during their bankruptcy proceedings. 

Chrysler Dealer Reinstated through Arbitration

Minneapolis – The Dady & Gardner law firm received a favorable award for its client Fury Dodge of Lake Elmo under the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2010, determining that the Chrysler dealer should be reinstated.

New Auto Dealers Arbitration: Faster, Cheaper

Congress just passed a bill to allow terminated auto dealers to arbitrate their termination under an expedited procedure.  The procedure highlights the issue of faster, cheaper, that I've been discussing.