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The Five Worst Terminators of Hotel Franchises

A terminator figure stands in a store at Mohegan Sun, Connecticut. Photo by Blue MauMau
The worst hotel franchise terminators. Photo/Blue MauMau

CARROLLTON, Tex.— New research by the numbers reveals the five worst national hotel chains for franchise owner terminations.

Too many franchisees have lost everything by buying Wendy’s franchises

The Member for Southern River, Mr Peter Abetz has urged anyone considering purchasing a Wendy’s [Australia] ice cream franchise to speak to Wendy’s Franchisee Coalition before proceedin

De-franchising the Re-franchisors

It is becoming more of a regular tactic for bitter or angry and frustrated franchisees to publish anti-brand websites. Few come about with any real dispute resolution strategy and some are downright dangerous. Some strive to protect franchisee investments.

The Dark Side, Franchise Churning

In this blog from Jason Gehrke at the Asia Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence at Australia’s Griffith University he outlines the concept of franchising churning, its existence, non-existence and the general bi-products of poor franchising amongst other intrinsic considerations.

Tombstone Legislation

The term ‘Tombstone Technology’ came about following a catastrophe that took only minutes and claimed a record 349 innocent lives.  Families were left shattered and others were embarrassed.

Franchisors, Do Right by Franchisees and Avoid Allegations of Churning

This post is in reaction to the Wall Street Journal article 'Financing Programs Aim to Help Franchisees' regarding Franchisors providing 'Lease to Buy' programs and similar arrangements to potential Franchisees who are unable to secure traditional loans.

Franchise Business Partners, Divorce and Induction

Recently Darnelle White posted a media blog on married couples successfully operating small businesses and I suspect this subject varies little in Australia, the US, Canada and everywhere else where small business and franchising exists. 

Battery World: Expires and Terminates?

BRISBANE Australia: Here is an interesting lawsuit where the defendant franchisee sought to satisfy the Court that the franchisor had no legitimate right to introduce ‘termination’ terms and conditions when the franchise agreement had ‘expired’ at end of term.