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Terminated Franchisee Gets $512k, Pays $1,727 In Royalties

Be careful what you wish for. A franchisor got a small amount in unpaid royalties but the franchisee prevailed on a claim for misrepresentation and got awarded half a million dollars.

Arbitrator Failure To Disclose Related Case OK

Reversing Judge Scheindlin, the 2d Circuit Ct of Appeals says that repeated failure to disclose serving as a "neutral" on a related case does not warrant vacatur of the arbitral award.

Legacy Academy Franchisor Loses Again

The controversial franchisor has found federal court no more hospitable than state court or the AAA.

Malay Arb Standard Similar to US

Malaysian courts view arbitral vacatur in a manner similar to US courts.

Is Rescission an Arbitral Remedy?

Is recission a proper arbitral remedy? Even if recission would primarily benefit non-parties to the proceeding?

Compliance Is "Academic"

An influential appellate court has ruled that compliance with an arbitral award is no bar to confirmation. In so doing, it has upended 200 years of traditional American jurisprudence.