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Australian Consumer Protection To Be Extended To B2B Contracts

The Federal Shadow Minister for Small Business has committed the Liberal National Party to introduce consumer protection to B2B contractual relationships following the 2013 election. Given that Australians are generally looking to throw out the current government, there is an air of optimism in franchisee ranks.

New Taco Bell Ads Support Its Beef

TacoBell Employees Stand Behind Beef
Newest Taco Bell ad features employees defending its beef

A new $3 million ad campaign by Taco Bell has store employees countering a lawsuit and PR campaign against its taco meat. 

Elizabeth Warren Speaks to Bankers

Last week, Elizabeth Warren went into the lion's den, giving a dinner speech in Washington to the Financial Services Roundtable -- the banking industry's lobbying group.

South Africa Franchising: Consumer Act Adopted

The South African government has moved to install new protection for consumers and included franchising.