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Australia: If There's So Little Profit, Why Do People Buy 7-Eleven Franchises?

Convenience store chain 7-Eleven has been in Australia since 1977. It has twice been Australia’s “Franchisor of the Year”. If the franchisees really can’t make a buck without underpaying their employees why do they buy a 7-Eleven franchise?

7-Eleven COO over Franchisee Relations Leaves amid Turmoil

2013-11-03 16.30.41

DALLAS - With little fanfare, 7-Eleven CEO Joe DePinto issued an internal memo this week announcing that Darren Rebelez, executive vice president and COO was leaving the company to pursue other opportunities.

Weather and Rising Gas Prices Hurt Convenience Store Visits

CHICAGO – Blame the weather and rising gas prices for the decline in visits to convenience stores in the first quarter of 2014.

Convenience Store Visits Decline in Q4 2013 despite Stable Gas Prices

convenience store 7-Eleven
A 7-Eleven c-store & gas station in Honolulu. Photo by bmm

CHICAGO — A tightened grip on consumer spending and a historically soft December contributed to a decline in convenience store (c-store) visits in the fourth calendar quarter of 2013.

Past Ass'n Chair Tariq Khan Vows at Election to Fight 7-Eleven Suit against Him

A 7-Eleven store. photo by Johnathan Nightingale

DANA POINT, Calif. – As the National Coalition of 7-Eleven Franchisee Associations was holding its election meetings on October 22-26 to determine who would be the next national chairman, past chair and franchisee Tariq Khan made an appearance.

Migration Marketing Builds Restaurant Sales

Party of one is simply not happening in the restaurant sector. A party of one is not a party! However if you are a grocery store, C-store or urban chain drug store then continue throwing the party because consumers are showing up.

5 Key Opportunities for C-Stores

Bill Bishop Jr. president of Willard Bishop presented findings from the NACS/Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council. Bishop identified five major platforms of opportunity for Convenience Stores. Those five platforms are Fresh Value Fast, Female, Friendly, Family Time, My Time and My Place.

Debit-Card Law Has Nasty Side Effect on Low-Priced Merchants

Remember those debit card swipe fees that merchants, franchisees and franchisors successfully pressured Capital Hill to change?

Restaurant Visits Flat in 2011

NPD Group Crest Report for Quarter ending September 2011
Source:NPD Group's CREST® for quarter ending September 2011

CHICAGO — Visits to U.S. restaurants were flat for the first three calendar quarters of 2011, according to a market research company.

Convenience Stores Eat into Fast-Food Sales

CHICAGO — Convenience stores are an increasing threat to quick-service restaurants, according to a foodservice researcher.