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A Decade of Corruption

The recent review of the performance of 2010 changes to the Franchising Code of Conduct in Australia is proving to be simply another embarrassing episode in what has been an eventful decade of ignorant and corrupt government.

Australia’s New Small Business Minister

Nick SherrySenator Nick Sherry is to be the new federal Small Business Minister in Julia Gillard’s fragile minority government.  Previous small business minister Craig Emerson MP has been shifted to Trade.   So what now for small business and franchising?

Sundae, Wendy’s Bloody Sundae

Wendy’s franchisees in Australia are asking whether the franchise model was designed to fail. Their questions have reignited franchisee disgust at yet another federal government broken promise.

Election Heats Up For Small Business

As Australia’s election looms the Federal Opposition leader has promised small business changes denied by the Rudd/Gillard government.

Franchise Code to Change July 1

Australia — Craig Emerson MP, Minister for Small Business, announced changes to the Code. Franchisors are required to provide slightly more disclosure. With less than 4 weeks to prepare, many franchisors will not be able to comply . 

Australian Budget Offers a Bone to Franchisees

In a totally unexpected move the Australian government has dedicated $2.7m to provide support for franchisees in accessing early conflict intervention. But don’t get too excited.  

Australia's Franchise Council Says Franchising Safer in Australia than U.S.

MP Tony Piccolo from South Australia has canvassed franchising experts in Victoria and New South Wales and he isn’t stopping there.

Fast Growth, Recession Proof & Liquidated

Mailpost thought it didn’t have to comply with Australia’s Franchising Code of Conduct because it wasn’t a franchise.  They fibbed, they thought wrong and then they were gone.

$56M Battle Over Beans In Jeans

Secretive franchise coffee giant and Franchise Council of Australia award winner, Gloria Jean’s is in for a big showdown with a small US supplier.