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Australia Post; Conflict of Interest and Good Faith

Australia’s largest franchisor with by far the highest revenue appears to hold the key to why the Australian federal government ignored the important franchise inquiry recommendations and continually resisted meaningful legislative reform.

McDonalds Commemorative Election Burger

In a show of support and urged on by the Australian franchisee community, McDonalds outlets in Queensland named their newest burger after their favorite Federal Minister.

Eagle Boys Makeover & Cheesecake Shop Refresh

There are times when franchisors have an obligation to enforce standards and there are times when the market or the brand image justifies revitalization.

Franchise Bill Offers No Appeal Process

Franchising lawyer and BMM contributor Simon Young offers food for thought with concerns regarding the South Australian Franchising Bill.

Franchising System Advantages

Pick your favourite from the list of ‘countless benefits to becoming a Franchisee’ and ‘advantages of Franchising over stand-alone forms of small business

Franchise Bill Proposes Franchising Fix

South Australian MP Tony Piccolo has tabled the proposed Franchising (South Australia) Bill 2009 in the absence of an effective response by the Federal Government to numerous franchising Inquiries. 

The Emerson Franchise Panel

The Australian Minister for Small Business has announced the makeup of the expert panel to review selective ‘outstanding issues’ tabled in recent parliamentary Inquiries into franchising.

ACCC Failed To Act on Kleenmaid

MAROOCHDORE, Australia - Kleenmaid franchisees today have filed complaints against the franchisor.