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Restaurant Chains with the Best Customer Satisfaction, 2011

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. — A California-based market researcher has issued its annual list of what quick service chains cultivate the best customer satisfaction.

Taco Bell Hot Sauce Rage

Taco Bell Mild Sauce

Enraged over a lack of hot sauce packs in his take-out order, a Missouri man returned with a shotgun.

Domino’s Dominates in Customer Loyalty

Domino's interacts with customers via playful photos and comments in Facebook

NEW YORK — A just released 2011 annual survey recognizes that customers rank Domino’s as number one among all major pizza chains in customer loyalty.

Potty Police Respond to Gulf Station Emergency

When you gotta go, you gotta go... and sometimes, gotta call the cops.

Franchisor Gives $200k to Franchisees

Three quarters of Chrysler franchisees will each receive cash awards from their franchisor, Chrysler, ranging from $1,500 to $200k with the average award being $12,200.

Gimmie That Fish!

A customer in New Jersey climbed through the drive-thru window for his Filet-o-Fish.

Canucks: Plus ca change @ Horton's

Hosting the Olympics has caused Canuck cognitive dissonance.

Building Better Brand Culture

Small business operators tend to believe that their first priority is to deliver quality in service and product to achieve customer satisfaction.  But those who do are wrong.