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Employees Who Care

RSR has long sung the virtues of an empowered, knowledgeable workforce. It’s time to also sing the virtues of employees who care enough to do the right thing in a timely way.

Being Context-Aware Is New Bar for Customer Service

I have to start this article with a couple of caveats. I’m about to share with you a customer service fail that happened to me in the week following the NRF Big Show.

Goodwill and Free Sauce

It really doesn’t take much to be a better operator than the business down the road. And it’s not about ‘free’.

Jet Blue Attendant, Hero or Jackass?

The recent meltdown by a JetBlue flight attendant highlight customer and employee relationships in a spectacular way. A lot of people are calling Steve Slater a folk hero.

Five Dumbest 9-1-1 Calls by Fast Food Customers

What constitutes a matter of life and death is a matter of opinion. Franchise owner-operators know by sad experience that customers can even consider not having enough mustard or mayonnaise on their sandwich as life-threatening, and if not that, then at least just plain criminal.