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7 Things to Consider for Rights of First Refusal

Assume that you are a large multi-unit franchisee and you have the opportunity to sell your business to either an existing franchisee or to someone who wants to become a multi-unit franchisee in your system. You read your franchise agreements (perhaps for the first time) and discover that you may not transfer without the franchisor's permission.

Disclaimers Do Not Bar Franchisee Claims of A&W Violating Franchise Law

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – A federal court has ruled that the disclaimers in A&W’s franchise disclosure documents given to a franchisee when buying his franchise do not bar his counterclaim that A&W violated the Minnesota Franchising Act when giving him untrue statements and financial projections.

The Cleaning Authority Cleans Out Franchisee Retirement Fund

You can't kickback money to yourself, a court tells Cleaning Authority zees.

Pure Power Boot Camp Fined $4K For Reading Email

The franchisor, Commander BrennerShe smokes cigars. She wears a camouflage bikini. She is a franchisor.

"Incredible Pizza" Franchisee Loses $46 Million

Lloyd Robert French invested in a new franchise concept and lost $46,995,735 in 6 years.