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2010 Dysentery Outbreak At Subway Leads To Suits

41 lawsuits filed this week against a Chicago franchisee accuse him of bad sanitation causing widespread illness.

Bajio Consultant Speaks Out on Award

SALT LAKE CITY - As consultant to franchisors Bajio, LLC and Bajio Mountain West, LLC, Bradley T. Davis has a lot to say about the arbitration award presented to franchisees Brad and Sanford Woodward on July 27, 2011. Not only did he give his declaration in Fourth District Court in Utah, he also spoke with Blue MauMau.

Franchisees Run Better Chains

Keith Miller, Subway multiunit franchisee

SACRAMENTO — Franchisee Keith Miller argues that franchise chains can outperform the competition when they put owner-operators in charge of national functions like marketing and the supply chain.  Want proof? Then look no further than America’s largest franchise chain by number of stores – Subway.

9:55 minutes (4.54 MB)

Did Jared Running Pay Off?

Jared Fogle, spokesperson for the Subway sandwich chain, has brought more awareness to himself and the brand after gaining 40 pounds and then losing it by preparing for the ING New York City Marathon, says AdAge magazine. 

Lazy Lawyer Loses Subway Case

Even a low burden of proof requires some effort.

Domino's and Subway Start Food Fight

Domino's CEO burning notice by Subway
Domino's CEO Burns Subway 'Cease and Desist' Letter. Photo/Domino's