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Despite $10.10 Minimum Wage, CEO Doubts if Dairy Queen Stores Will Cut Staff

Dairy Queen CEO John Gainor tells CNNMoney that "people need to be paid a fair wage."

Debit-Card Law Has Nasty Side Effect on Low-Priced Merchants

Remember those debit card swipe fees that merchants, franchisees and franchisors successfully pressured Capital Hill to change?

Most Effective Restaurant Commercials of the Year

Ace Metrix has released its list of the year's most effective restaurant ads.

Subway, Dairy Queen Among China Fakes

China has fake outlets of major US franchisors.

Franchising, Evolution of

The word "franchise" is derived from the Anglo-French word meaning “liberty.” In Middle French, it is “franchir”– to free. In Old French, it is “franc,” signifying free. The French term “francis” means granting rights or power to a peasant or serf. The English term “enfranchise” is defined as empowering those who have no rights.

The Most Expensive Meal Ever

A $1.68 million dollar lunch has got to be the most expensive anywhere this year. Fortunately, the lunch comes with the ear of billionaire Warren Buffett.