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Most Small Business Owners Uninformed, Unprepared, or Both on Looming October 1 Change in Credit Cards

 As of October 1, 2015, businesses that don't have chip reading technology for processing credit and debit cards will be liable for any fraud stemming from such transactions.

Senate Rejects Delay in Capping Debit-Card Swipe Fees

Big banks (and not-so-big ones too) were up in arms against the cap in debit-card transaction fees that's scheduled to take effect on July 21, but they tasted defeat when the Senate last week voted against a proposed postponement. 

Banks and Big Boxes Brawl over Debit-Card Fees

On opposite sides of the debit-card-fee fence, both big banks and big retailers nevertheless say that they have the consumer's best interests at heart as they try to win Congress over to their respective points of view. 

Website Cuts Merchant Credit Card Costs

Credit card processing is a significant cost of doing business, but a free online service which launched this past spring offers relief.

Businesses Set to Benefit from Debit Card Proposal

A proposed limit on fees charged for debit card transactions could save businesses substantially on their POS debit card expenses.