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Publicly Traded Restaurant Franchisors Live on Same-Store Sales but Franchisees Live on Store Free Cash Flow

The difficult nature of the restaurant franchise business life is about to hit again: Wendy's has rolled out a $4 combo meal of small bacon burger, 4 chicken nuggets, a drink and french fries.

2012’s Seven Top Restaurant Trends

A Five Guys Burgers and Fries board shows food transparency
Sign in a Five Guys Burgers franchise shows food supply transparency

CHICAGO — Restaurants across the U.S. face a varied landscape of expected trends in 2012. A leading restaurant research and consulting firm sees seven developments making news in the coming year.

Pretty Bubbles

A few days ago I received a Groupon for a decent Mexican restaurant nearby. I bought it and used it to take a suddenly indigent friend out to dinner.

Shoppers Getting Used to Slash Pricing

Retailers fear discounting changing behavior.