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National Franchisee Coalition Pushes WA Bill

With the Committee to report back to the West Australian parliament on the state Franchising Bill 2010 the lead up to the 23 June deadline is expected to see intense lobbying from the Franchise Council of Australia and from Australian franchisees.

Government Whispers, Jo Gash And Franchisees Move

Changing Law for VotesThe Australian government is campaigning again for the small business vote.  The federal Small Buiness Minister is calling for responses to a variation of the ACCC only this time dedicated to small business but still without any mention of franchising or real teeth.

West Australia Franchise Hearings Close

AustraliaState Parliament concluded hearings into the West Australian Franchising Bill and wouldn’t you know it; the Franchise Council of Australia is whining again. Its executive director, Steve Wright, just doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about.

WA and SA Terms of Franchising Reform

The Economics and Industry Standing Committee for Western Australia is calling for submissions to consideration of the proposed WA Franchise Bill with a closing date of 24 January 2011. Submissions to the SA Inquiry close 21 January 2011.

Survey: Towards Conflict Resolution

I typically wonder what factors influence those who respond and those who don’t respond to franchising surveys. This is a summary of selected categories from the ‘Towards Conflict Resolution’ survey from Australia's Griffith University’s Asia‐Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence. The quantative research report is attached.

Impertinent Questions In Search of Pertinent Answers

Question:   How is it possible that the largest hotel franchise companies can advertise for new franchisees without even mentioning the major issues: territorial protection, termination and windows provisions, liquidated damages, choice of venue, dispute resolution, vendor exclusivity, minimum performance, etc.?

Franchise Conflict Research: Five Main Causes

For fans of quality franchising here are findings from Australia on what can go wrong.  The research was conducted by Professor Lorelle Frazer at the Asia Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence.

Franchise Bill Offers No Appeal Process

Franchising lawyer and BMM contributor Simon Young offers food for thought with concerns regarding the South Australian Franchising Bill.

Dispute Avoidance, Warts and All

The healthiest franchise systems don’t waste much time on dispute resolution.  They invested in dispute avoidance.