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Subway Founder Stance on Wages: A Leading Indicator?

If Subway founder Fred DeLuca means what he says, the restaurant industry war over wages may have reached the tipping point.

Subway Sued Over 11-Inch Footlongs

Remember when sub sandwiches were called submarine sandwiches because they were long and torpedo shaped?

Subway’s 11-Inch Footlong in NY

These freshly baked Subway footlong loaves in NY look to be the full length
These footlongs in a NY Subway are obviously the proper length, photo/pws

Customers are up in arms in New York about the lack of Subway's footlong being, er, a foot long.

Judge Vacates $8.4M Award, Orders Rehearing

PROVO, Utah — After an arbitrator awarded $8.4 million to franchisees of defunct Bajio Mexican Grill in restitution for being defrauded, a district judge ruled that the arbitrator’s award must be vacated and the issues re-arbitrated.

Bajio Consultant Speaks Out on Award

SALT LAKE CITY - As consultant to franchisors Bajio, LLC and Bajio Mountain West, LLC, Bradley T. Davis has a lot to say about the arbitration award presented to franchisees Brad and Sanford Woodward on July 27, 2011. Not only did he give his declaration in Fourth District Court in Utah, he also spoke with Blue MauMau.

Subway, Dairy Queen Among China Fakes

China has fake outlets of major US franchisors.

Medicaid Fraud Buys Curves & Subway Franchises

An Indiana woman was caught by her own application to buy a Subway Sandwich shop.

The Subway Approach to Property

Washington D.C. Subway restaurant in Chinatown
A Subway restaurant in Washington D.C., Chinatown. photo/bmm

Subway chain’s franchisor, Doctor’s Associates Inc,  has an unorthodox approach to leasing property that landlords appreciate.

Taco Del Mar Zee Moves To Lift Stay

Taco Del Mar left many ruined franchisees, and some are fighting back.