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Domino’s Swiftly Settles Lawsuit with Multi-Unit Franchisee over Obstructing Sale of Stores

Domino's Pizza Inc. (DPZ) settled a lawsuit on April 3, 2018 with a multi-unit franchisee, with 31 years in the system, over allegations that the franchisor obstructed his every move in selling his two award-winning stores to a well-qualified Domino's franchisee. Unexpectedly, Domino's did not disclose the litigation, required by law, in its April 2018 FDD.

Australia Introduces Protection against Wage Fraud Aimed at Franchise Systems

7-ElevenAustralia's federal executive government has introduced new legislation that some feel will end grievous acts of exploitation by employers, which has been ignored by franchisors. Specifically named is the 7-Eleven franchise system. 

Domino’s Sees Consolidation of Fast-Casual Pizza Players

A group of similar fast-casual pizza chains are selling franchises hand over fist, growing from small to bigger. Despite that, competitor Domino's Pizza thinks that consolidation among this new crop of fast-casual franchisors looks likely.

2015 Restaurant Franchisee Profitability Reporting and Implications

I’ve noted the reluctance of virtually all restaurant franchisors to report the profitability of franchised stores. But there are a few franchisors that do.

Early Pizza Chain Founders Forge Ahead on Ambitious New Projects

Tom Monaghan, now 77, founder of Domino's, and Mike Ilitch,  84, founder of Little Caesars, established their pizza businesses well over five decades ago and just a year apart in Motown.

Subway Founder Stance on Wages: A Leading Indicator?

If Subway founder Fred DeLuca means what he says, the restaurant industry war over wages may have reached the tipping point.

NY AG Settles Labor Violations with 6 Domino's Franchisees

A Domino's Pizza storefront in Long Beach, New York
A Domino's Pizza store in Mt. Vernon, New York. Photo/bmm

NEW YORK -  Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today announced settlements with six Domino’s franchisees over labor violations, requiring them to pay $448,000 in restitution to 750 employees.

Domino’s Dominates Pizza Chains in Brand Loyalty

A customer orders at a Domino's restaurant
photo supplied by Domino's Pizza

NEW YORK — Domino's Pizza, Inc. (NYSE:DPZ) is number one when it comes customer loyalty in the pizza shop sector. The 2013 annual ranking of brands with the highest loyalty was released by market researcher Brand Keys this month.

Domino's Delivers Big on Super Bowl Sunday

Web page of Domino's for ordering pizza

Practice, training and preparation paid off this past Sunday as Domino's Pizza stores in Pittsburgh took on their biggest day of the year, with nearly 45 percent of Super Bowl Sunday orders coming in digital form.

Franchisees Should Be Equal to Franchisors

Franchisee Aziz Hashim
Multi-unit franchisee Aziz Hashim

ATLANTA —Franchisee Aziz Hashim, a recipient of franchise awards and a well-known leader in the industry, speaks about what a good franchisor leader looks like from the vantage point of a franchise owner.