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What Industries Produce the Highest Profit Margins for Franchises and Why That's Important to Know

What major franchising industries produce the greatest net profits for their stores? For example, are profits for an owner-operator typically better in a frozen yogurt shop or is a fast food restaurant that serves meals all day better?

Looking for Franchise Heaven in Paradise

IHOP at Windward Mall, Kaneohe, Hawaii
IHOP at Windward Mall, Kaneohe, Hawaii

Franchises in Hawaii, as elsewhere, are ubiquitous. Outlets such as McDonald's, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Denny's are popular in Waikiki with the tourists, who quickly get tired of the expensive, albeit, delicious, meals with huge servings at hotels.

The Great Conflict of Protecting Markets or Franchisees

We are recovering from a crisis of market collapse caused in major part by abuse on the part of banks and investment houses. From mortgage backed securities where the mortgage portfolio was of extremely low quality to derivatives called credit default swaps, the Federal Reserve and the SEC enforcement division were asleep at the switch – called deregulation – and everything hit the fan.

Franchise Mistakes To Avoid

Australian franchise consultant Jane Lombard has produced a list of her top 10 traps for prospective franchisee’s to avoid straight after they take a long hard look at themselves.

Pitfalls of Multi-Unit Franchising

Multi-unit franchising may seem like a logical, attractive next step up the ladder of success, but are there pitfalls beyond the obvious in going that route?

Representing the Bold, The Multi-unit Franchise Investor

Representing franchise investors who are capable of developing entire territories or states is a very different ballgame from representing single unit investors. The reason is simple.

21st Century Franchising, Watershed Changes

Within the next 15 years we will see dramatic changes in the franchising business. Today the business is saturated with “me too” so-called concepts that lack adequate business model legs to survive even at marginal profitability through the life span of their franchise agreements. Their FDDs are fiction and fantasy, and those who buy them lack relevant sophistication for small business investment (to put it mildly).

From The Book Of Bakers Delight; Longevity

This is not just a warning for Australian franchise investors. If you are ready to invest in a franchise brand you should consider what stage of franchise network growth your 'brand of choice' has achieved and what that might mean to any suggested financial success you have been promised.

Aussie Franchising Doing It Tough, US Lags

Free MoneyThere has been a constant call for years for the Australian federal government to intervene in small business; particularly in franchising. The banks have tightened lending criteria, franchise sales are down and franchisors are squealing.