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Deadline Nears for NASAA’s ‘Reasonable Basis’ Rule in Giving FDD Earnings Claims

Under the Federal Trade Commission Franchise Rule and applicable state franchise laws, franchisors are prohibited from making a financial performance representation, formerly known as an earnings claim, in their franchise disclosure documents (FDD) unless they have a "reasonable basis" for the representation at the time it is made.

Franchisee Victory Highlights Lessons

The Billy Baxter’s Court of Appeal ruling in favor of the franchisee to the tune of $1.2M has law firms and the Franchise Council of Australia prospecting for additional revenue from Australia’s franchisors.

What To Look for When Buying a Franchise

It is a minefield when it comes to investing in a franchise unit. Good information is very hard to find. And there's a lot of salespersons who want your money.

Legal Forum on Franchising Begins

Hotel del Coronado, San Diego
Forum held at Hotel del Coronado, photo/ABA brochure

SAN DIEGO – The 33rd Annual Forum on Franchising, a legal symposium organized by the American Bar Association for franchise attorneys, kicked off Wednesday at San Diego, California.

Financial Modeling in Franchising a Business: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

In decisions to franchise businesses, pie in the sky financial modeling is the delusional mind expansion medium that has launched many doomed franchise attempts. Yet, financial modeling is not new to business planning.