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I'm a Main Street Investor, I Create Jobs

Whenever you hear people arguing about whom the real “job creators” are, remember: you already know who I am.    I handed your coffee to you just this morning.  When you bought a sandwich for lunch, I made it for you.   When you get your car serviced, I greet you.

Business Planning with Recession Risk

I've posted a new video on my page on the subject Business Planning With A Risk of Recession.

How Can Consumers Keep Spending?

Yep, consumers continue not only to spend, but to increase their spending in most months. Here's the latest data:

Four Steps to Overcome Supply Chain Problems

The Wall Street Journal reports: "Supply Kinks Stall Trucks: Parts Scarcity Has Manufacturers Scrambling to Meet Rising Orders." I've heard of a non-truck manufacturer who is limited by his vendor's delivery of heavy castings. He has orders, but without the castings cannot produce.

Franchise Confidence Survey

One of the keys to making smart business decisions is to have a good grasp of the current situation, and some reasonably grounded expectation of the future.

Exclusive: Franchising Has a Great Future

Steve Caldeira, CEO of the International Franchise Association

PODCAST —In a little over a week Steve Caldeira will reach his first anniversary as president and CEO of the 51-year-old International Franchise Association. The IFA's mission is to protect, enhance and promote franchising through government lobbying, public relations and educational programs.

9:57 minutes (4.56 MB)

Stymied by Government Policies

Thomas Sowell, economist and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, writes that Washington is playing havoc with the recovery.

Four Percent Food Inflation in 2011

Food inflation may reach four percent this year, according to the Department of Agriculture. And pork prices may increase  seven percent, the most of any of the foods.

Effect of Payroll Tax Reduction on Lodging

1.5 Million more jobs will likely result in greater lodging demand and raised hotel profits from the newly passed tax plan. After suffering through the all-time worst year of performance in 2009, U.S. hotel owners and operators are eager for growth.

Banks Start Lending Again

Good news for small business owners and the economy! For the first time since this recession began, banks  expand lending.