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A Peek at SBA's Future?

Fred Hochberg, a Clinton-era agency administrator, is drafting recommendations for the Obama transition team on what to do with the Small Business Administration.

Jobless Numbers Soar to Post WWII High

Obama responds to December unemployment figures. Photo/

VIDEO: Small Businesses Struggling to Survive

AP: Small businesses struggle to attract customers. President-elect Obama urges Congress to act.

Recession or Depression? Stimulate or Spend?

Small business owners tend to see the government just like they do their business.

VIDEO: Retailers Going for Broke

NBC: As retailers lick their wounds from this holiday season, some 165,000 retail stores are expected to shutter their doors by New Year's Day.

Biden's Christmas Message: Economy in Danger of "Absolutely Tanking"

Joe Biden
Vice President-Elect Joe Biden talks about the danger of the economy "absolutely tanking" and the unprecedented inheritance of $1 trillion in debt.

VIDEO: Unemployment Rate Soars to 34 Year High

REUTERS: Employers slash the most jobs in November since 1974.

Recession Began Last December, Economists Say

The United States economy officially sank into a recession last December, which means that the downturn is already longer than the average for all recessions since World War II, according to the commi