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Reasonable Franchise Growth or Unreasonable Encroachment?

New franchise openings are a lightning rod in the franchise world; while franchisor advocates see new location openings as a legitimate mode of franchise growth, franchisee advocates view such openings as unreasonable franchise encroachment.

Avis Franchisee Receives $19 Million Award…with Glitch

Sister rent-a-car companies rub shoulders with each other at Louisville International Airport. photo/bmm

ANCHORAGE – Franchisee Robert C. Halcro has now been paid his $19.2 million award, a result from his agonizing 10-year litigation against the Goliath car rental company.

Head in Sand on Online Competition

It seems that most Australian franchising stakeholders, if not the rest of the world, have a problem facing the complex issues involved in eRetail, especially when a franchisor goes into competition with franchisees.

Kubota Tractor Mows Down Franchisee

A court rules that a new dealership plopped between two existing dealerships does not substantially change the competitive circumstances of the dealer agreement.

You Signed What?

From time to time’ franchisees, and even normal folk, put their signatures to contracts that in hindsight were obviously intended to separate them and their money and deliver simmering leverage as a ‘don’t argue’ surprise.

Why We Sold Our Kumon Franchise

David Joseph, former Kumon tutoring franchisee, writes of his experience with the franchise and why he sold it.