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Additional Crowdfunding Campaigns Work Even Better If First Effort Was a Success

Small businesses that have successfully raised cash through crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo have higher odds of meeting their cash goals as they successively return to the funding well.

Small Business Owners Meet with Obama

Following criticism from small business owners for not including them in administration meetings in recent weeks, President Obama sat down with a small group on Tuesday to talk about their economic concerns and to get feedback on avoiding the looming fiscal cliff.

Big Biz Pledges $1.2B in Services to Startups

For those who haven't found the right franchisor yet or are thinking that perhaps they'd be better off going it alone, the Startup America Partnership that Steve Case and Scott Case (no relationship) are spearheading may provide some help or inspiration.

A Rallying Cry for Small Businesses from the SBA 504 Experts

I’ve written and narrated a video called The Crisis on Main Street: How Washington Continues to Ignore Small Businesses that I hope will give Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs a common voice and common purpose as we get ready to cast our votes in the mid-term elections.

IRS Targeting Independent Contractors

Small businesses have been increasingly relying on independent contractors: they’re cheaper, by up to 30 percent, and they're more flexible, particularly for a company on a small budget.

99 Promising Business Startups

In spite of America’s economic woes and the rapid wholesale transfer of manufacturing overseas, the country has plenty of talented entrepreneurs who are optimistic about their businesses futures.

Cut the Red Tape for Startups

Entrepreneurs have put up for many years with the headaches of government hurdles in starting and running a business.

Making Downsizing into a Plus

Laying off workers is a most unpleasant task for business owners. But what happens after the layoffs?

Ogilvy Advice on Building a Business

The editor of Fortune shares advice for building and running a business given to her by legendary advertising guru, Britain-born David Ogilvy of marketing juggernaut Ogilvy & Mather (now the WPP Group).

Destructive Exploitation: Entrepreneurial Opportunity

I’m in Silicon Valley at a conference of entrepreneurs—it’s an annual event and what’s remarkable is that attendance this year is 20% higher than last year!