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Make the Right First Steps in Starting Your Small Business

Building a successful small business takes time, thought, planning and help. If you've never owned a business before, it can be overwhelming and discouraging.

Oregon Couple Named National Small Business Persons of the Year

Billy Taylor and Brook Harvey-Taylor, a married couple who founded Pacifica, a company based in Portland, Oregon, were named this year's National Small Business Persons of the Year.

Down with Lemonade Stands? Never!

There’s this thing online called “trolling.” It’s when you post something really outrageous just to get a reaction out of people. That’s what I think the online magazine Slate was doing recently when it posted an opinion piece critical of lemonade stands.

Five Guys' Recipe for Success

CEO Jerry Murrell talks about how he, his wife and five sons launched Five Guys Burgers and developed it to today's 1,000 restaurants and growing. He says his recipe for success is the same one that J. Willard Marriott Jr. used in building his hospitality empire — a great product (burger), a clean store and a reasonable price.

Government Teaches Veterans Business Basics

The federal government is seeking to ease the transition from military into civilian life by providing avenues to help soon-to-be or new vets start their own businesses instead.

It’s Not Sexy, but it’s Money: A Franchise that Works

It’s dinner time in a college apartment, 1999.  Silence fills the air along with the smell of last night’s party as a student ponders the ever recurring question...what am I goi

Introverts Can Be the Best Leaders

Many people are natural introverts who try to keep that fact on the QT from others who may want to marginalize them because of it.

Are Entrepreneurs Made or Born?

In a paper that is about to be published and reviewed by peers, professors are concluding that entrepreneurship is indeed built into one's genes.

Entrepreneurship Lessons from Starship Enterprise…Biz Me Up, Scotty

Entrepreneurship Lessons from Starship Enterprise…Biz me up,Scotty. I have never been a big fan of Star Trek. For me, it’s like having CNN on TV while I’m working on a project at my computer: in the background, kind of knowing what’s going on, but not paying particular attention.