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KFC Fires Worker After Pubic Facebook Post

Not since the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings has there been so much pubic debate.

Employers who Solicit Facebook Friend “Snooping” Could Face Liability Under Federal Stored Communication Act

Facebook postings by employees have increasingly become a factor in employment discrimination lawsuits. In some of my recent cases, employers were made aware of an employee’s threats of violence, workplace misconduct or other inappropriate actions when a co-worker, who also was a Facebook “friend”,brought the Facebook post to the employer’s attention.

Google+ to Pass Facebook by 2016, Hoteliers Urged to Get in the Game

Holiday Inn DC-Central/White House Google Plus page
Holiday Inn Washington DC-Central/White House Google Plus page as seen on an iPad app

PARSIPPANY, N.J.—Google Plus has taken over the number two social media position, passing Twitter and battling it out with YouTube.

NLRB Issues Its First Social Media Decision

Although the National Labor Relations Board's Acting General Counsel has issued three advisory reports about his views on corporate social media policies within the past year, the Board had not decided an actual case.

Using Social Media the Right Way

Chipotle's Back to the Start YouTube video
Chipotle contemplates problems of the modern world in YouTube video

Social media is being touted as important in promoting a business, but a lot of people can't quite fathom how it works. How is Facebook or Twitter going to help their business, and is it worth the time that they will have to take away from focusing on other essentials?

Be Likeable Says Red Mango Founder

Red Mango's David Kim (center)
Franchisees Dave and Jen Rothberg with founder Dan Kim (center)

DALLAS – How do you bring an international brand to the U.S., open more than 170 franchised stores in a credit crisis, win loyal customers for repeat business across North America, and earn the #1 Zagat rating in today's economy? "Be likeable," answers Dan Kim, founder and chief concept officer of Red Mango Inc.

NLRB Moderating Stance On Social Media?

What if a Tweet fell in the forest and nobody heard it?

The Hacker Way and Facebook

Reading through the millions of words discussing Facebook’s impending IPO, and striving to distract myself from deep-seeded envy of everyone who has worked there and is holding stock options, I came upon a letter from founder Mark Zuckerberg, who wrote to potential shareholders about “The Hacker Way".

Why Franchisors Need To Use Social Media

Franchisors need to get on the social media bandwagon. Reports that measure social media indicate that its use continues to grow and that it's being used by more and more people.

Top Hotels Most Easily Dinged by Online Griping

A customer ranking on Yelp

Researcher and customer experience consultant Bruce Temkin lists twenty brands in the travel and hospitality industry that are most susceptible to be dragged down by negative customer comments in social media sites like Yelp, Facebook or Twitter.