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CFA and IFA Work Together to Advance Fair Franchising Legislation

The Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) is proud to announce that due to its collaborative efforts with the International Franchise Association (IFA), California AB525 passed unanimously out of the California Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday night.

California Senate Sends Fair Franchising Bill to Gov. Brown

Sacramento dome from the inside
Inside view of Sacramento capitol dome. photo/KatieCarr

SACRAMENTO—The California state senate voted 23 - 9 late Thursday in favor of SB 610, a bill that strengthens franchisor good faith relations with franchisees. It is now ready for Governor Jerry Brown's signature to become law.

Australia's New Franchising Law Is No Code for Fairness

The government is moving to introduce a new Franchising Code of Conduct as part of wide ranging reforms to how franchising arrangements are regulated, claiming it will be fairer for small operators and cut red tape. Whether that will happen is far from certain.

Failure to Pass Franchise Protections 20 Years Ago Cost Maine More Franchised Units

(By Courtney O'Hara, at Maine Franchise Owners) — In 1994, Legislative document 1916, or as some people remember it, The Franchise Practices Act, was shot down by Governor John R. McKernan, Jr. even after it passed both the Maine House of Representatives and the Maine Senate.

A Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise Owner Had His Business Taken Away from Him in 2009

Stan Furash was operating two Dunkin’ Donuts franchises in Bradenton, Florida when, in 2009, Dunkin’ terminated his franchise agreement.

A Bug’s Life: "Then They All Might Stand Up to Us”

At last week’s work session for the Labor Commerce and Economic Development Committee, I was asked by a franchisee why were there so many people attending the work session from the side of the franchisors? They had counted over 20 lobbyist, attorneys, representatives from the Maine Restaurant Association, McDonalds, and Dunkin’ Donuts that were there against the Maine Franchise Owner's bill.

Michael Seid's Arrogant Letter to the Maine Legislature's LCRED Committee regarding LD 1458

You don't have to read the whole 12 pages to see why Michael Seid is known as the IFA's "Pit Bull", maybe read the

Five Key Principles for the Maine Small Business Investment Protection Act

The Labor, Commerce and Economic Development Committee (LCRED) held a work session yesterday on LD 1458, the Maine Small Business Investment Protection Act.

Franchisees Need a Different "Level the Playing" Field Strategy

Franchisees in California never had a chance to get the bill passed. They did show that there is significant numbers of franchisees that illustrated the need for a more level playing field.

Best Wishes for the Franchisee Community in California

The California fair franchising initiative will get another hearing tomorrow in Sacramento. The joint effort by participating franchisees and supporters of franchisees has been substantial and herculean.