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Good Faith Passes California Senate! Assembly Next

California State Capitol Building
California's state capitol building. photo/thomas hawk

SACRAMENTO – California's senate this afternoon passed Senate Bill 610, which aims to strengthen good faith in franchising. Twenty-two senators voted in favor and twelve against. It now goes to the state assembly, and then finally will travel to Governor Jerry Brown's desk to become law.

Fred Schwartz Talks about AAHOA’s Future

Fred Schwartz, president of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association
President Fred Schwartz at 2012 AAHOA conference; photo/aahoa

ATLANTA —Fred Schwartz, president of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, discusses what's coming up for the association and in franchising. He speaks about ranking franchisors by fair franchising practices, the future of franchising legislation and what's in store for AAHOA.

Service Station Dealers Support AB 2305

The Service Station Franchisee Association (SSFA) supports California's Assembly Bill 2305, "The Level Playing Field for Small Businesses Act of 2012." According to the association, more than 700 of its members live and own/operate service stations in California.

California Poised to Attract Franchisee Investors

California's proposed legislation known as "The Level Playing Field for Small Businesses Act of 2012," A.B. 2305, seeks to ensure a balanced environment in the franchisor/franchisee relationship.

Franchise Relationship Laws

Post-sales franchise relationship laws

A franchise relationship law is a law that aims to curb abuses of the franchise relationship. It is called a post-sales as opposed to pre-sales regulation. A pre-sales requirement is one of disclosure in which franchisors are asked to self-report information about itself on a template called the franchise disclosure document to inform would-be franchise buyers about its business. Franchise relationship laws, on the other hand, regulate the contractual relationship on what a franchisor can lawfully make a franchisee do.

Assembly Bill 2305 Is Good for California Business

Franchisors are against California's fair franchising bill 2305, known as the Level Playing Field for Small Businesses Act. Here are what opponents postulate and these are the actual facts on why the assembly bill is good for California business.

Assemblyman Huffman on California’s Fair Franchising Bill

State assembly member Jared Huffman of California's 6th assembly district
California assemblyman Jared Huffman

SACRAMENTO —Assemblyman Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) speaks with Blue MauMau about the fair franchising bill he introduced a month ago to the state of California, AB 2305, the Level Playing Field for Small Businesses Act. The bill was introduced to various committees of the assembly on Tuesday.

ACCC Tells Franchising To Clean Up Act

Man in hazmat suit trying to clean up deadly mess. image by

MELBOURNE, Australia — Newly appointed Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Rod Sims, advised franchisors of his intention to assist franchising to clean up its act.

Franchisees Paint Grim Scenes of Dunkin'

Former Dunkin' franchisee Irwin Barkan and New York attorney Paul Steinberg give testimony to Massachusetts lawmakers on Dunkin' franchising practices
Former franchisee Irwin Barkan and NY attorney Paul Steinberg testify

BOSTON — Franchisees painted a grim picture of franchisor Dunkin' Donuts for legislators at the Massachusetts State House in Boston.