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Regulating Small Business Credit

The Australian government via Bill Shorten are slipping through a surprise Bill while Australians are wound up in the Christmas hustle. Bill Shorten wants to regulate small business access to credit and it appears very likely it will to hurt small business already struggling with tight lending restrictions from banks in the post GFC aftermath.

Reserve Bank of Australia Small Business Finance Roundtable

The RBA has hosted its first roundtable with major banks, academics, small business owners and small business organisations. The positive to take from the RBA’s previously zero understanding of small business is that now the bank is being educated.

1031 Exchange Tax Requirements

Section 1031 is a useful section of the tax code that allows a taxpayer to defer taxable gains on a property by using it as an exchange rather than a simple sale.

Did Someone Say Profits? Understanding the Financial Operating Cycle

It happens every year — usually in February or March. Business owners across the country meet with their accountants to review the prior year.

Aussie Franchising Doing It Tough, US Lags

Free MoneyThere has been a constant call for years for the Australian federal government to intervene in small business; particularly in franchising. The banks have tightened lending criteria, franchise sales are down and franchisors are squealing.

Supplier Offers Accreditation for Hospitality Franchisors

silver chefIt makes sense that Australia’s Silver Chef has introduced a franchisor accreditation system to build industry relationships with added supplier confidence that the ability of franchisees to pay upfront was not the only franchisee selection criteria. The Rent-Try-Buy franchise system supplies equipment and fit-outs to the hospitality sector.

Restaurant Business Pricing, Price to Earnings Multiple Down

Nations Restaurant News has summarized data from on average restaurant business prices and pricing multiples.

CIT: Still Lending, "We have the Money to Continue"

We have just returned from Las Vegas and the  Restaurant Finance and Development Conference.

CIT was a Premiere event sponsor and had staff present at the conference.

Financial Modeling in Franchising a Business: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

In decisions to franchise businesses, pie in the sky financial modeling is the delusional mind expansion medium that has launched many doomed franchise attempts. Yet, financial modeling is not new to business planning.

Guidant Financial Closes, Now Opens

BELLEVUE, Wash. – After halting all sales of 401(k) rollover plans for fear of crossing the Internal Revenue Service, Guidant Financial Group announced Wednesday that it will resume small business lending immediately.