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Explaining How Easy Credit Created This Bust

Alex Blumberg and Adam Davidson of NPR’s “Planet Money,” discuss the U.S. economy with NBC’s David Gregory on “Meet the Press." (Video 2:19)

Troubled Franchise Waters

The push to sell franchises doesn't miss a beat and the increased risk in a troubled 2009 is played down. The comparatively quiet voice of independent franchising industry experts have been recommending that this is a time for franchisors to consolidate. 

Should The Government Stop Dumping Money Into The Giant Money Hole?

SATIRE -A panel of experts debate whether the government should stop dumping money into a giant money hole or whether the free market should decide.

SBA Loans Sink

WASHINGTON (Blue MauMau) - The Small Business Administration announced Thursday that the number of government-backed loans to small businesses sank by 30 percent.

Restaurant Performance Index Falls to Record Low

WASHINGTON D.C. (Blue MauMau) - There's still no light in sight for restaurant owners as the industry continues to soften.

Franchisors Need Balanced Approach to Recession

For most of us, the current global economic crisis is like nothing that we have ever seen.

Restaurant Franchising Turns to Sale-Leaseback for Capital in Tough Market

Dees Stribling, Contributing Editor for Commercial Property News states in an interesting article:

Dominos Thaws Franchisee Credit Freeze by Becoming a Lender

As franchisees struggle to find capital from lenders, some large franchisors are thinking of putting a new face across the negotiation table: their own.

Video: Greenspan Admits He Wrongly Believed that Markets Regulated Themselves

AP: Appearing before Congress, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan admitted the meltdown has revealed a flaw in his belief in deregulation, namely that markets will regulate themselves.