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Deadline Nears for NASAA’s ‘Reasonable Basis’ Rule in Giving FDD Earnings Claims

Under the Federal Trade Commission Franchise Rule and applicable state franchise laws, franchisors are prohibited from making a financial performance representation, formerly known as an earnings claim, in their franchise disclosure documents (FDD) unless they have a "reasonable basis" for the representation at the time it is made.

Franchise Earnings Disclosures Help Deliver Franchise System Growth

Buying a franchise is about choosing a business that you can make money at. It’s that simple. Passion for the brand is great, but passion doesn’t put money in your pocket.

Franchisees to Regulators: Franchisors Must Disclose Franchise-Level Profits

Alexander Hamilton
Where's the money? Alexander Hamilton on $10 bill. (Photo: Sniegowski)

WASHINGTON, D.C.— A franchise buyer's most fundamental question is, "How much can I make with this business?" Obtaining a straight-forward answer to that question has been like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Franchise Legal Tip: Financial Performance Representations

One aspect of my practice consists of reviewing franchise disclosure documents for prospective franchisees.  Recently I reviewed a franchise disclosure document for a small franchise system.

Cold Stone Creamery v. Lenora Foods

Don't believe financial performance representations made by the franchisor. And don't believe representations made by franchisees, either.