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Subway Eats Competition's Lunch

A Baltimore Subway shop celebrates AnyTober $5 Footlong
A Baltimore Subway shopfront. photo/bluemaumau

LEXINGTON, Ky. — For all but two of the largest six players in the sandwich sector, the recession has not been kind. That's despite the sector growing 3 percent a year since 2007, according to market researcher Technomic Inc. In short, the biggest guy on the block got bigger.

Top Sandwich Chains Ranked by Shop Profits

The lit up sub sandwich store front

LEXINGTON, Ky. —This year's ranking by Blue MauMau, our first, lists average store profits of sandwich shops, showing some winners and losers in 2012. Yes, you read that right – store profits. Here are Blue MauMau's best store profit estimates, from trusted sources who know sub sandwich shops and quick service restaurants.

Franchisor Firehouse Subs Commits Fraud, Rules Federal Court

Firehouse Subs loses trademark ruling, court says company committed fraud


A federal judge refused to disturb a jury verdict holding that Firehouse Subs had committed fraud to obtain the "Firehouse" trademark.

TV Series Winner Closes New Restaurants

After just one month in business Jamawn Woods, the "winner" of the NBC TV reality series America's Next Great Restaurant, which launched in March, closed down two of his three brand-new Soul Daddy locations.