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Cancer from Processed Meat? Eaters Continue to Eat

bacon by KimTaro/Flickr
Photo by KimTaro

CHICAGO — Last week's release of a World Health Organization study showing a link between processed and red meat consumption and cancer raises the question, will consumers reduce their intake of these foods?

As Dessert Definition Expands, So Does Consumption

CHICAGO—What actually is dessert? Is it the sweet ending to a dinner meal, or something bigger?

Half of Consumers Eat Healthy at Home, Only Quarter at Restaurants

A Chicago Potbelly offers its guests treats that are hard to resist
The checkout stand tempts guests at a Chicago Potbelly, photo/ps

CHICAGO — Despite efforts to encourage U.S. consumers to eat healthier at restaurants, only 24 percent of consumers say they eat healthy when they dine out while over half of foodservice visitors say they are healthy eaters at home, according to a recent study.

Prepared Meals from Retail to Grow Double Rate of Restaurant Visits

CHICAGO — Home meal replacements or prepared foods from supermarkets, drug stores, and other retail outlets continue to steal visits from restaurants, according to a research firm.

2013 Restaurant Brand Standouts

A rising tide lifts all ships: Consumer discretionary stocks are doing well, leading the pack with the highest forward PEs in May, as FactSet reported last week. But for franchisees, the stock price is not the same as free cash flow in the pocket.

Photo Quickly Makes Employee's Face Infamous, Soils Taco Bell Brand

Employee allegedly licks Taco Bell taco shells

IRVINE, Calif. – Social media quickly went abuzz Sunday over a photo of a young man in a Taco Bell uniform that was posted on the company's public Facebook page.  It showed the employee licking a stack of taco shells.

2013 Restaurant Traffic Holds Steady in Q1

CHICAGO —Visits to U.S. restaurants were stable in the first quarter of 2013 compared to the traffic gains encouraged by mild winter weather in the first quarter last year.

The Marriage of Ramen and Burgers

One of the great things about working in Japan is the incessant drum beat of new products in the foodservice market, or any consumer product category.  They come at a rate that Americans would find dizzying.

An Audacious Business Goal that was as Big as a Buffalo

More than 15 years ago I was struggling in the beef cattle industry because I was doing things exactly the way everyone else was doing them—raising cattle and then taking them to the feedlot. It’s a great business when things are good but when the market is down you are in the dumps as well.

Taco Bell Launches Cool Ranch Taco

Brand new Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos poster goes up on the window of a franchise
Brand new poster put up on a franchise window this morning. photo/bmm

IRVINE, Calif. — Taco Bell rolls out a new Cool Ranch Doritos flavored taco shell today to its restaurants and franchises nationwide.