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How Franchisors Can Short Circuit Independent Franchisee Associations

Benjamin Lawrence
Prof. Benjamin Lawrence

Benjamin Lawrence, assistant professor of food and beverage management at Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration speaks about how franchisors can short circuit independent franchisee associations from fully developing.

5:06 minutes (2.34 MB)

Hotel Owners Govern the Brand at Best Western

CEO David Kong speaks to hotel owners of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association conference in Atlanta
Best Western CEO David Kong speaks with hotel owners. photo/Best Western

PHOENIX — David Kong, CEO of Best Western International, corresponds with Blue MauMau to explain how its unit hotel owners, not the franchisor, direct the company on how to best protect and grow the brand. 

Franchisees Trust Co-ops and Democracy More

ITHACA, N.Y. — In this final piece of a two-part series, Benjamin Lawrence, assistant professor of food and beverage management at Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration, surmises that franchisee associations must support their members' right to assemble and speak, that cooperatives are great instruments for franchise systems, and that democratically elected leaders are important in incorporating sub-groups.

Franchisees Angry at Disgruntled Shop Owner

Australian fighting kangaroos are similar to Wendy's ice cream franchisees in Australia
Fighting franchisees? photo/al_bee

Franchisees of an Australian ice cream chain, Wendy's, are hopping mad at one of their franchisees for going on television and trashing the franchisor. They are upset as the value of their shops drop.  

Should Franchisors Encourage Franchise Associations?

I  recall a time as a franchise executive when the common dictum was don’t encourage, organize or support a franchisee association unless circumstances warrant it.

Vantage Hospitality CEO Says Let Franchisees Elect Advisory Council Members, Grade Franchisor

ABVI Selma, AL
Americas Best Value Inn at Selma, Alabama, photo/vantage

Franchise War Brewing at Wyndham?

Is now the winter of discontent for Super 8 franchise owners? photo/bmm: A Super 8 franchise in central Kentucky during Friday's snow storm