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FTC Smacks The Entrepreneur’s Source over Buyer Deception

Terry Powell, founder of The Entrepreneur's Source talks about smart investing
Founder Terry Powell talks about franchise buying on YouTube

WASHINGTON, D.C. – While franchise brokerage/consultant firm The Entrepreneur's Source (TES) promotes its image as "helping people improve their lives," the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) found otherwise after launching an investigation into the firm's business practices regarding privacy and security.

Should Brokers be Franchised?


The editor of a business forum site asks if brokerages have any business franchising their brokers.

Keeping Your Franchise Search Options Open

One of the most important lessons that I've taught my daughters is that it's always better to have options in the pursuit of any goal. Many times during my career I have applied for jobs that I wasn't entirely sure I wanted. But I always wanted to be the one in the position to say no.

The ABCs of FDDs. Item 9, 11, 15: Franchisor and Franchisee Obligations

This is the sixth in a series of articles for prospective franchisees that discuss the components of a franchise disclosure document. Unlike almost all other articles about what you will learn in a franchise disclosure document, however, this series will focus on what you may not learn.

Franchise Alliance CEO Convicted Felon, on Probation

ATLANTA – Daniel Prechtel, founder and CEO of Franchise Alliance Inc has been a prominent player in franchise brokering services for over 10 years, despite his criminal past.

Are Brokers (Coach/Consultant) Perpetuating Franchise Myths?

A franchise business coaching company, The Entrepreneur's Source (TES), adds itself to the list of franchisors/consultants perpetuating the myth that franchising is safer than opening your own business. 

Franchise Broker Consultant?

Can there be an independent franchise broker?  Or perhaps that isn’t the problem.

Try This Quiz To Know If You Have the Right Stuff

Those thinking of investing in a franchise are cautioned that they truly need the right stuff to be a successful franchise owner.