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Log In / Register | Jul 22, 2018

Australian Franchise Code Review and Good Faith

In the midst of the post Christmas/New Year frenzy the Australian Minister for Small Business quietly announced the commencement of a review of the Franchising Code of Conduct with little time for submissions.

Queensland MP Calls for Franchising Tribunal

Qld ParliamentIn Australia’s state of Queensland, David Gibson MP has delivered a speech to parliament tonight calling for the introduction of a law that regulates franchisee and franchisor relationships.

Australian Franchisees Thank Law Society

The Australian legal industry’s challenge of who runs our Parliaments has never been so clear as it is in the current war to protect grubby riches coming from the destruction of franchisee families. That lawyers bully governments is not a new truth but Members of Parliament are resenting the legal profession’s current manipulation and distortion.    

Australian Franchisor Council Upset

Franchise Council of Australia, lobbying for franchisors, hits out at Western Australia parliamentarian Peter Abetz, pictured outside Parliament House with franchisees, for introducing a WA franchise relationship bill.

Franchising Code Changes Finalised

MP Craig EmersonCANBERRA: The Minister for Small Business in Australia has released an outline of changes to the Franchising Code of Conduct.  Franchisees will be denied reviewing the detailed amendments until they are published by the ACCC. 

Battery World Seeks Third Line Forcing Approval

Australias' Battery World Franchise lodges contentious Third Line Forcing Notification with the ACCC.

Unfair Contract Terms Plain Nasty

Associate Professor Frank Zumbo calls on the critics of the inclusion of franchising in new Australian legislation dealing with unfair contract terms to recognise that there would be no compromise of the legitimate protection of any party.

Franchisor Releases Franchisees

Under direction from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Australian Loans Management has agreed to release franchisees from their franchise agreements and issue refunds.

Australian State Franchising Law on The Table?

ADELAIDE, South Australia:  South Australian MP Tony Piccolo [Member for Light] has fired a shot across the bow of Federal Minister Craig Emerson suggesting his state could introduce its own laws if the Federal Government does not act on franchising.