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Australia Introduces Protection against Wage Fraud Aimed at Franchise Systems

7-ElevenAustralia's federal executive government has introduced new legislation that some feel will end grievous acts of exploitation by employers, which has been ignored by franchisors. Specifically named is the 7-Eleven franchise system. 

Australia Updates Franchise Code to Include Good Faith

Fireworks over Sydney Harbor and the Opera House
Fireworks over Sydney Harbor and the Opera House. Photo by Joseph Younis

After a number of media stories about abusive franchising practices, Australia has set in motion major changes to its federal franchise law. Some American franchisee advocates are in awe.

A Decade of Corruption

The recent review of the performance of 2010 changes to the Franchising Code of Conduct in Australia is proving to be simply another embarrassing episode in what has been an eventful decade of ignorant and corrupt government.

Australia Inquires into Regulating Franchising

This article provides some preliminary assessment of the submissions to the 2013 review of the regulation of the franchising sector in Australia. This review was scheduled after the last series of amendments were made to the Franchising Code of Conduct in 2010.

FCA Bid Wright Farewell

Steve Wright is said to have resigned from the Franchise Council of Australia. One time executive director and long time Stephen Giles personal assistant, Wright had a diffiult ride at FCA.

Franchisee Victory Highlights Lessons

The Billy Baxter’s Court of Appeal ruling in favor of the franchisee to the tune of $1.2M has law firms and the Franchise Council of Australia prospecting for additional revenue from Australia’s franchisors.

Franchises Densest Where Regulation Toughest

franchise outlets per resident in 2009 by country
Chart: BMM Data:European Fran. Fed, JFA,FCA,IFA, United Nations

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Does government regulation follow when franchising becomes big, or does franchising get big when it is regulated?

The Franchisor Support Alliance

Could it be that the Franchise Council of Australia has some competition looking for a chunk of the franchisor dollar?  At least FSA seems to be driven around delivering some bang for the franchisor buck.

Are Franchises Commercial Marriages from Heaven or Hell?

Heaven or hell?SYDNEY, Australia — Since it flourished in the early 1970s under the influence of American fast food outlets such as McDonald's and KFC, franchising has become one of the most dynamic aspects of Australia's small business sector.

Rod Sims: The Regulator

CANBERRA, Australia — Whether it's Canada's new franchise law that kicked in at the beginning of 2011 in New Brunswick on its way to Manitoba, or America's new Business Opportu